Narayani Sena was founded by Manish Yadav & Adesh Yadav, Amit Mishra on 4 February 2019 and is based in Uttar Pradesh, whose task is to build a society with justice, religion and democratic outlook and fight for the rights of Dalits, Backwards.

More than 30% of Indian youth are unemployed these days and also not involved in any education or training. With the saturation of the organised sector, finding a job has become very tough. This competitive environment makes people simply lock jobs for financial security. They look at companies as income generators only and nothing more.

Narayani Sena is dedicated towards the development of Indian Youth. Youth are unemployed even having skills and a proper education. The government still could not resolve issues faced by youth in our county.

Narayani Sena aim to motivate the Indian Youth, guide them for the right direction, and change the way the think. We make the people to think smarter, better and stronger.

That is why we do activities against anything wrong happened in our country. We also had to face many difficulties to fulfil our aim to grant a right judgement to someone, but we never stop until our aim get succeed.